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The Advertising Intercontatto Office, by Alex Intermite, deals with press office and with mass media relations (daily newspapers, periodicals, web sites, radio, TV, press agencies and other information sources), in the sphere of show business.


Intercontatto Office has chosen to specialize only in the management of press office, promotion and communication. The success of the agency exclusively derives from our own ability in the business with mass media and from our credibility and seriousness.

Today Intercontatto Office cares about the Press Office of some Italian artists such as Jerry CalĂ , Umberto Smaila, Simone Tomassini, Claudia Peroni, Rudy Smaila, and so on.

Intercontatto Study also cures about the communication of other artists and leader companies in the sphere of the show business: night clubs, publishers and records, Tv and movie productions for tv and movie programs, Management Agency and organization of concerts, shows, theatre tours, musical and cultural events, all with a passion for the excellence.



Ufficio Stampa di Eccellenza

coccardaL'ufficio stampa studio intercontatto, ha ricevuto una "certificazione di qualitĂ " che lo attesta come primo ufficio stampa di eccellenza nel settore spettacolo, riconoscimento unico a livello internazionale, promosso dal GUS (giornalisti uffici stampa), con il patrocinio della Federazione Nazionale Stampa Italiana, Associazione Lombarda dei Giornalisti, Regione Lombardia e Commissione dell'Unione Europea con il patrocinio della Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri.



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