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What (we do)

dove operiamoServices offered by Intercontatto Office concern all the phases about a communication project: making inquires and brief analysis, market-analysis, on the competition and on the possible communication enterprises, creation and elaboration of a project, planning of communication contents, execution of the project, management of the job and recurrent checks, and analysis and exposition of the final results.

Besides, we elaborate strategies suitable for providing advice for communication plans, writing press releases and text (such as: biographies, record files/ live performance and so on), organization of interviews, press conferences and meeting with mass media, talking to the journalists, in order to obtain spaces on the press and other communication craft.
Most big protagonists of the world of the National and Local information are present in the note-book of Alex Intermite. With obviously positive impact on his clients, both of the viewpoint of their notoriety and their image.


Where (we work)

  • Elaboration of press files and dispatch of press releases, of picture materials and other promotional materials.
  • Co-ordination and management of relation with media interested in the object of the communication (from the simple contact for the dispatch of news, or informations, to the organization of interviews, opinions, or interviews with persons connected with aforesaid object, and the organization of appropriate articles and services).
  • Organization/management/supervision of press conferences and encounters.
  • Create and realise effective project relative to the promotion of the image and of communication strategy of our clients.
  • Exposure of the final results through the check in time of the return press with a realization of a detailed press conference.
  • Thanks to how-know in the show business, Intercontatto joins its agency experience in the communication together its professionalism in the sphere of the production, involving in its production professionals of the show business and realizing an excellent and qualified casting.



quandoStarting from a careful analysis of the news or event, Intercontatto Office arouses the interest in the mass media, by means of a detailed planning in all its aspects.
The Team boasts of a deep knowledge about Italian mass media and about their characteristics and mechanisms, important means in order that the techniques of communication are aimed at the right meeting point between who proposes (the press office) and who disposes (the journalist/reporter), towards the final users ( of news).
It is necessary "stare sulla notizia" (being in the news), but above all creating a lot of news by means of little and great events or support contexts. In order that the process of information may go on in the time.



percheIntercontatto Office by Alex Intermite is present in the yearbook "Chi & Dove" (Who & Where); in the "Agenda del Giornalista" (Notebook of the Journalist), Yearbook of the Prima Comunicazione, and in other national specialised publications. Besides, Alex Intermite carries out courses on communication edited by local authorities and cultural associations. He was interviewed by daily as one the most qualified experts in Italy. His names is often present on Internet as promoter, press attaché, music critic, broadcast presenter and journalist for several Italian and international sites.
Intercontatto Office avails of an excellent team, all journalists who are on the National roll. Intercontatto Office in Italy: Milan, Rome and Prato.


Who (we are)

Alex Intermite was born in Taranto; he was fond of media world since he was a child, in 1991 he starts to work in the communications. In 2001 he begins his career as journalist and he specializes in press office opening his own agency. He takes care of night clubs and concerts, records, tour, musical events, movie preview and so on, until to take care of some artists (as liable for Press Office and spokesperson).



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