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The introduction of the web into our life, gave us a new dimension, changing our habits and incitements. Our daily life is shared online, users talk together, have different meeting points. Consequently, the way to comunicate and promote ourselves are changed too: digital became more and more important and social media became one of the most favourite meeting points. The web is a world made up of people, it is not enough to be there any more, it is necessary live and above all interact.


Web Reputation e Online Branding

The analysis of the reputation online consists of discovering in which way the community perceives someone or a company.
So, listening to the opinion of the users, allows to identify some improvement areas and to plan possible marketing activities to strenghten the good repute of the brand online.
Studio Intercontatto offers services such as: brand management, personal branding, crisis management and competition supervision.


Marketing & Social Media Strategy


The web makes available a widest range of contact ways and opportunities to reach the sought target. The main thing is to take advantage of various channels, according to the different peculiarities and follow the rules.
Even though the web is the favourite discussion field, it is necessary not to neglet the interrections of the real life and activate an improvement circle online/offline, where the two worlds meld and enhance each other.
We offers our competence to devise the best cross-media communication strategies based on a well-framed plan that completely identifies the reference target and optimizes the ROI (Return of Investment).


Community Building E Digital PR


To guarantee an active and stable presence of someone or the brand in the web, it necessary to create a real community based on a solid relationship, interraction and membership sense. The discussion fields are various, from the social media to the forum, and to be managed at best, a strategy and a high qualified person are required.
The community manager plans the structure, organizes the activities, determines the way of integration, in order to enlarge the net of the fan and followers, giving them a boost to talk.
In addition, it is very important to look after the relatioship with the blogger and the opinion leader of the reference sector.
Studio Intercontatto offers a lot of services, such as: PR Digital, Community Management, Contents production, web copywriting, identification and relationship with influencers, and also the feedback management and editing report.



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